Scuba Diving, Kaş

uw25Kaş is the most wonderful staggering little fisher town with a populace of 5000 individuals in the south of Turkey in the Antalya region. The warm, dry and generally pleasant Mediterranean will unwind your spirit and give you the feeling of sipping all the time. It is the perfect spot to do dynamic strolling and camping vacations. Diving is at its best here, and there is very little what could rival Kaş in Turkey on the off chance that it is about scuba diving. There are more than 15 dive centers and diver training schools, mostly part is situated at the nearby port. They offer guided diving treks to the 50 dive spots in the region. It has a sorted out diving structure set up and the season keeps running from March to December, the water temperature is in normal 26 degrees Celsius. Top temperature comes in August 31 degrees Celsius. There is a lot of culture and history to explore. Day Trips are also offered frequently. Continue reading

10 Surprising Facts – Istanbul

istanbul-museumThis metropolis with its 15 million inhabitants, offers you a different sensation at every street corner. From culture of Byzantine to architecture of mosques, from Nargile cafes to the popular district of Balat, from vibrant nightlife to historical centers each and every factor will bedazzle you. Here are some unknown facts about Turkey that will surprise you. Continue reading

Kekova Island -The Underwater City

82281757Kekova Island, which is the beauty of Kale town, the ancient Simena, is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in Turkey. Kaleköy is a Lycian site on the Turkish coast. It is a little town with the incompletely depressed vestiges of Aperlae and a château. Access to the town is conceivable just via ocean. The place is ideal for the travelers who opt to find themselves out in the bright sunshine, thirsty water waves and the fascinating historic ruins. Continue reading


Outdoor cafes have always been a favorite spot to brush shoulders with society. Istanbul is right city for outdoor cafés because it has a treasure of choices. These places are not only eatery but the ultimate source to know-how Turkish history. Citizens of this frantic city really knows well how to take a break. Following are the worth exploring outdoor cafes in Istanbul. Continue reading

Top 10 coffee shops in ISTANBUL

Turkish Coffee has been around for over 500 years. The absolute originality that accompanies this most originating coffee is that Turkish Coffee taste remains perfect till the last sip.Today cafés in Istanbul are mainstream like never before, as they have spread like out of control fire. We recommend independent coffee shops in Istanbul for travelers exhausted with the formal four hotel walls. The best way to experience the local culture of any place is to visit coffee shops.
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Reasons to visit Cesme, Izmir

cesme1“Cesme is homonym of paradise”, this famous adage is no doubt a perfect truth.  Cesme is the coastal town, located in the Izmir province of Turkey. Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city which is famous for its transformation from an ancient city into a contemporary conurbation.  Cesme is a well-known location to spend vacations. Historical landmarks, several modern accommodations, incredible eateries, a gorgeous sea on the foreground and many more factors are major sources of attraction for tourists. Weather there remains hot mostly. Continue reading

The Sweet Streets of Istanbul


There are various ways to experience Turkey, and particularly Istanbul and its heritage. For some, Istanbul means Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the various other architectural wonders. While for others Turkey and Istanbul are a concoction of beautiful flavors and aromas. Turkish cuisine is an increasingly been regarded amongst the best cuisines of the world. While the main course offers a wide array of choices, the Turkish desserts are the perfect end to these delicious meals. Listed below are, what I believe, and the top 10 desserts of the region.

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