Yalova, Turkey

Yalova-27Yalova is a city situated in northwestern Turkey, close to the eastern bank of the Sea of Marmara. The population of Yalova is 100,863. It is said that “Yalova” originates from “Yalıova” “Yalı” which signifies “house at the coast” while “ova” implies plain in Turkish. Yalova has a subtropical climate with cold winters and hot humid summers.

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Belgrad Forest, Istanbul

IMAG0706A beautiful long stretching forest with oak and chestnut trees, a great place for a picnic and running and the biggest forest of the city; yes, it is Belgrad Forest, lying adjacent to Istanbul. It covers an area of 5500 hectares and houses many plants, bird, and animal species. Belgrad forest is under protection and is a standout amongst the most visited recreational zones of Istanbul. Continue reading

Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations in Turkey

bayram-sekeriYou’ve never eaten entirely like this. At dusk on the primary day of Eid al-Fitr, swarms accumulate between the Blue Mosque and noteworthy Hagia Sophia in Sultanahmet Square for iftar, the breaking of the quick of Ramazan (called Ramadan in Turkish). Bring your own particular outing of börek (ultra-flaky yufka cake loaded down with feta cheddar), get some watermelon and tea from road sellers, or simply hang out by the wellspring until some generous grandma employs you with desserts. Today you are really urged to have confection for breakfast: Eid al-Fitr is referred to in Turkey as Şeker Bayramı, or the “Treat Occasion“.

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Sapphire Tower – 360 Degree View of Istanbul


A place worth visiting” and many other similar comments about Istanbul’s first ecological skyscraper are a source of increasing attraction towards the Sapphire Tower, a skyscraper. Who would not want to visit such a place which provides an opportunity to have an incredible view over Istanbul from the top of the building?

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Nightlife in Istanbul

reina-istanbul-night-clubBeyoğlu is Istanbul’s nightlife center point, with an always developing arrangement of clubs, bistro bars and unrecorded music venues which open, close and change name with confounding pace. Expensive housetop bars are the most recent pattern here, in Galatasaray, and in the similarly hip Ortaköy zone.

Over the water on the Asian side of Bosphorus, Kadikoy has additionally turned into an incident after-dim area. At the fabulous end of the scale, gaudiness, posing and a selective entryway strategy are what it’s about, along these lines, unless you can stand to spend like a whiz, stay away from.
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Scuba Diving, Kaş

uw25Kaş is the most wonderful staggering little fisher town with a populace of 5000 individuals in the south of Turkey in the Antalya region. The warm, dry and generally pleasant Mediterranean will unwind your spirit and give you the feeling of sipping all the time. It is the perfect spot to do dynamic strolling and camping vacations. Diving is at its best here, and there is very little what could rival Kaş in Turkey on the off chance that it is about scuba diving. There are more than 15 dive centers and diver training schools, mostly part is situated at the nearby port. They offer guided diving treks to the 50 dive spots in the region. It has a sorted out diving structure set up and the season keeps running from March to December, the water temperature is in normal 26 degrees Celsius. Top temperature comes in August 31 degrees Celsius. There is a lot of culture and history to explore. Day Trips are also offered frequently. Continue reading